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    RFQ - What am I doing wrong?

    Lots of eyeballs inbound now that this post has been featured on the YT channel. As far as the RFQs it seems you've gotten enough about the problems with the part- specifically the tolerances. Generally, people have been trying to tell you what the real-life machining and measuring...
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    Set Up Pricing

    Set up is charged at 30mins of time per tool. This is the easiest way I found of integrating jaw/vise changes, tool changing and offsetting, programming, set-up sheets and production sheets, etc. I tried for a while to do differing costs per machine, but it was a pain. Now I just run with 2...
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    Help with deburr ideas on slot through threads

    7/8-14 External thread in 303, 1/8 slot down to just under thread minor through 9/16 inch of thread length. I've tried a straight thru mill slot- no bueno. I've tried a 3/32 endmill to slot and profile- no bueno. I've tried a 3/32 endmill to rough slot and a different 3/32 to profile finish-...
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    Coatings on end mills, what to use for what material?

    There are considerations to be made for equipment and speeds/feeds, but the basics I follow for milling are: In Alum: bright/polished or TIB2. TIB2 is great, but does not seem readily available from my fav local distributors so I only special order for long runs. I have actually never tried a...