Felsomat Announces the eMotor stator production line to a Big 3 automotive OEM

May 23, 2022 1:08 pm

Schaumburg, IL – Felsomat GmbH & Co., KG, along with Felsomat USA, Inc., world-class builders of CNC machine tools, automation systems, and eMobility assembly systems, are pleased to announce their selection to provide a state-of-the-art eMotor stator production line to a Big 3 automotive OEM.  The production line will be installed in the continental United States.

“Our customer had specific quality and timing needs, and they decided that Felsomat was their partner of choice,” said Daniel Maerklin, President of Felsomat USA. “The overall solution will provide them with what we believe will be the most sophisticated stator assembly line in this country, if not the world.”

The production line will include Felsomat’s standard products designed for the iPin forming, laser welding, twisting, and trickling operations, as well as custom designed automation for pin insertion, powder coating, and curing operations.  Felsomat has teamed with strategic suppliers to provide the hairpin forming and paper insertion equipment.  Felsomat will also provide robotic systems for auto load of the lamination stacks and auto unload of the assembled stator cores.

“It was important to our customer to be able to single source this project to a single OEM capable of providing them with a full turn-key system and a single point of responsibility,” said Ryan Berman, Strategic Account Manager. “There are very few companies in the world capable of taking on a project like this.  We are fortunate that we are one of them, and that our customer found us to be the best fit for their program.”

For more information, visit: www.felsomat.com 

About Felsomat.

Felsomat GmbH & Co., KG, is a premier machine tool builder and automation and assembly system provider based in Koenigsbach-Stein, Germany.  Together with their US subsidiary, Felsomat USA, Inc., Felsomat provides turning machines, hobbing machines, and laser welding machines.  Felsomat is also a provider of automation systems ranging from gantry solutions and robotic cells to plant-wide logistics systems.

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