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Who still makes a good quality hose reel?


Nov 3, 2003
Phelps, NY, USA
I'm looking for a few hose reels for my shop. It's been years since I purchased any. In the past, I looked at Reelcraft and Cox. Are they still OK?

I'd like to get 3 - 1/4" and 15-25' of hose to install in the shop for blowguns and koolmist and one 3/8" with at least 50' to use outside the shop.


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Nov 22, 2015
San Francisco
I have a few year old Duro that's been solid. I think it's a 2706-E. The one downside is that it's enclosed. This was fine until the one time the line managed to get really twisted up somehow. Getting it unjammed without any good access was a real pain, though it hasn't been an issue since.


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May 15, 2008
Winona, MN, USA
Reelcraft with the nice big ratchet mechanism seems like the best performing of the multiple brands I have.

I'm learning to stay away from the cheap reels. And definitely staying away from the enclosed reels. Flexzilla enclosed reels always jam up before they get the hose back in.
Honestly I've never found hose or cord reels to be more convenient than a loose cord or hose.
Ceiling drops is where I use them the most. But now that I think about it, for air tools and blow guns they are always pulled out enough to have a loop on the floor so the hose is actually coming from floor level.

I also mounted an (enclosed) air hose reel outside one of the shop garage doors. Fairly handy for random tire filling. And sometimes I even get the employees to blow of dirty stuff outside rather than inside.


Dec 30, 2022
Reelcraft, that is all our shop uses, we have close to 20 on our walls. easy enough to replace when ratchet wears out.


Sep 28, 2009
barcelona, spain
Any of the big top brands in your country,
and most-any of the very good imitations for 1/2 the price.

Mass and Diameter generally tells the story.
Usually the good ones are heavy and have a largish diameter vs size and capacity and length.
These tend to last and not kink or fail.


Oct 21, 2017
Seacoast, NH
If you're looking for the absolute best, Hannay.

I've got several air/electric/hydraulic reels from them, and they are absolutely outstanding quality.
Never had a single issue with anything from them, and they're American made.

On the lower budget end,
Harbor Freight has some decent steel hose reels that haven't failed me yet, but who knows how long that'll last.
I've had to repair Reelcraft more than HF reels.. just my two cents.


Aug 26, 2007
I've had a bunch of these over the years, seems like with Cox the springs break but they never leak, and with Reelcraft the swivel seal leaks after a while but the springs last forever. You need to buy the whole swivel for a reelcraft when the seal goes, but with some work (really too much work unless done in your spare time) it is possible to take it apart and replace the O ring.


Nov 28, 2015
Norther Tool used to carry blue "Goodyear" brand hose reals that came with 50' of genuine Goodyear hose on them for about $150. They are by far the best economy reel I've ever used and as good as if not better than some name brand stuff I've seen.


Jul 23, 2001
Buffalo NY
I bought a brand new Reelcraft hose real and looked it over real good.
I noticed the rachet pawl mechanism pivoted on a bolt that was an over
hung, single shear design. Knowing how weak such a design is, I took
it upon myself to be proactive and beef it up, while it was still new and
not all bent and broken. I made a little Z shaped bracket out of a piece
of strap steel, drilled 2 holes in it. Used it to support the overhung single
shear pawl bolt, to make it double shear, and fully supported. Drilled a
hole in the reel to add the Z bar attaching bolt.
Been using it for about 10 years, and it still works well and feels solid.
I think what I strengthened was a point of potenital failure, as I could see
in my mind how easily the pawl mounting design could easily get bent
up and distorted from repeated hard engagements.
Just be aware that everything that comes from a factory is not perfect
and MAY be designed to fail, after the warrenty of corse.